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Specializing in sports field materials, artificial turf, plastic runway, young education equipment R & D, production, sales, paving technology innovation enterprises。

  • 产品名称: Sandwich Running Track System

  • 产品名称: Spray -coat Running Track System

  • 产品名称: EPDM Running Track System

  • 产品名称: Full Pur Running Track System Mixed

  • 产品名称: Hybrid silicon PU

  • 产品名称: 单面筋单丝草

  • 产品名称: 菱形单丝草

  • 产品名称: S形单丝草

  • 产品名称: W形单丝草

  • 产品名称: 矩形单丝草

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  • 产品名称: 浙江省丽水市畲乡绿道

  • The construction footprint is all over the country. The products are exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Australia and other countries. There are more than 140 service centers at home and abroad.

    A technology innovation enterprise specializing in sports field materials, artificial lawn, plastic runway, preschool equipment research and development, production, marketing and paving.
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  • 产品名称: 湖南优冠体育材料有限公司营业执照

  • 产品名称: 优冠运动场材料有限公司营业执照

  • 产品名称: IAAF

  • 产品名称: ITF

  • 产品名称: 中国环境标志产品认证证书(十环Ⅰ型)

  • 产品名称: 一种改性TPU材料运动场

  • 产品名称: 一种人造草与天然草相结合的种植草坪

  • 产品名称: 一种人造草与天然草喷灌系统

  • 产品名称: 一种跑道水溶性环保粘胶剂

  • 产品名称: 一种冷发泡高弹环保跑道